Use Credentials File Method to visualize the Cloud Watch Metrics

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Well, everyone’s aware of Public Cloud and Private Cloud. Since it’s 2021 and most of us are working with the help of Cloud Platform. Well the reason why I am talking about something that is irrelevant is because some people want to monitor both Public and Private cloud using a single tool. Even though in AWS there is something known as Cloud Watch with which we can track everything. …

Install Grafana on EC2 and start with an Auto Start

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What is Grafana ?

Grafana is an awesome tool which helps you Query, Visualize and create alerts on those Visualizations. End users can create complex monitoring dashboards using interactive query builders. In this blog, we will install it in the AWS EC2 Instance. But the way to install it in a different cloud VM is similar as only the name alone differs as shown below

Host your web apps forever from any Virtual Machine

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If you ever wanted to host your Node.js application forever, then in this right place. Here you will learn how to run your Node js app forever, even when the console is closed.

Forever → A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

If you have ever faced an issues as shown below while using Virtual Machine, then, this blog will help you to overcome the problem.

client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

Yes, this happens always while working with cloud and this is where the package Forever Js comes in handy.

Here I will uncover all the useful commands which are required for Forever Js. …

You will know the small 2021 update of CoTURN Server

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NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal servers in webRTC are the reason that the media gets properly connected and those servers are STUN and TURN.

If you guys are wondering what this webRTC still then have a read through my blog on it

What is Turn Server ?

Traversal Using Relays around NAT is a protocol that assists in the traversal of network address translators or firewalls for multimedia applications.

It may be used with the Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram Protocol. It is most useful for clients on networks masqueraded by symmetric NAT devices.

When Turn Server is needed?

On a typical webRTC app, about 20% of connections require…

Here you will learn how certificate binding is done for web apps using openssl

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Hey everyone here, I will give you all a heads up with the basic setup of a Node.js app with SSL certificate. We will be using the OpenSSL for this and along with Express and Nodemon for this app.

You all must be aware or else must have heard about the term “HTTPS”, yes this is something which validates a website whether that is safe or secure to visit. But have you ever wondered what makes it safe and secure ?? Well, here I will guide you through how to making your website more secure and safe. …

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Hey guys, welcome to 2021 and I know it is very late to wish everyone !!!

It’s a new year and the right time to learn something new, I mean yes so let’s look into this new concept, its OpenCV. Yes it is OpenCV not with python and since it is a new year let’s learn a new language i.e. let’s learn OpenCV with Node JS. …

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Alright guys it is already the end of 2020 and our beloved Corona’s celebrating its 1st year anniversary and which has made us take the longest summer vacation in the history of mankind I guess.

Yuppp.. summer is over and “winter is coming” be prepared..!!! This has made us, use the two way live streaming a lot recently. We all have frequently started to use applications like Zoom calls, Google Meet, GoToMeeting and Discord etc.. (End of Thinking Capacity). Yeah we have used these guys a lot and are still gonna use a lot.

But have you ever wondered what…

Here I will walk you through the steps to create your own Custom Object Detector with the help of Google’s TensorFlow Object Detection API using Python 3 not on your CPU. It is with the free Google Cloud which provides you around 12 Hrs of free GPU for training your model.

You can find the code to the entire code here in my GIT HUB repo.

Before we proceed, I recommend you to kindly read my previous Blog which is also TensorFlow’s Object Detection API, where I trained using CPU.

I recommended you guys to read this because we are…

VGG16 Model

If we are gonna build a computer vision application, i.e. for example, let’s take an example like Image Classification, we could use Transfer Learning instead of training from the scratch. By this way we often make faster progress in training the model since we are just making use of someone else’s trained model and we can use that to do new tasks for us.

The Computer Vision research community has been posting a lot of data sets on the internet like Image Net or MS COCO or PASCAL types of data sets. Well, these are some of the data sets…

RASA: An Open source conversational AI, which made our work a lot easier. Many say it doesn’t require any programming skills. It is up to you to decide whether you need programming skills or not.

Rasa mainly has 2 main modules,

  1. Rasa NLU → which understands messages
  2. Rasa Core → it just decides what to do next.

I guess like me, you must also be not interested to look into theory blah blah blah stuff, so let’s get started.

Before proceeding with this, let me tell you about the version which I have used here.

Python 3.7.3

TensorFlow 2.x


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